Steel architectur

steel contruction in indonesia is being use for manufacture, some people do not that steel contruction in a braud can be a ” minimalis Good Architecture”

In mayority in japanis minimalis designing for buliding modern minimalis made by composition

1. Steel for contruction
2. Glass for exterior wall
3. Gipsum and panel use for partision for interior design
4. Steel for good contruction and estetika ( expoused coulom)
5. Wall for partision having characteristic Ringan and strong
6. good contruction for roof expouse, combination with glass for nature light at the day

typologi of konstruction

1. Rigid and frame
2. Belt and trust
3. Dome
4. Cell
5. skin
6. space frame
7. face frame
8. wall retaining

each other of base structure at on, can be good combination and can be ” good architecture design and unik” but in minimalis design as usually is using steel having rate a steel with sistem struktur rigid and frame, couse that is efisien in rebuild and recontruction.

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