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Interior Design Tips: Home Decoration with Picture Frames

Picture on The Wall

Read on to find out how to choose the best picture frame for your home decor.

Whether enclosing a precious work of art or a prized family photograph, a picture frame is a design element not to be overlooked. A carefully chosen frame adds to the aesthetics and overall harmony of a well-decorated room, while a bad frame can ruin the entire effect of the artwork.

Before shopping for frames, visit art galleries and museums in your area to see how different frames are used to enhance photographs and paintings. Browse decorating books and magazines to see framed pictures displayed in homes. Next, consider the type of picture and the style in which the room is decorated to determine what type of frame would best fit.

Above all, the frame must complement the image it holds. When searching for a frame, keep in mind the painting or photo and find a frame that will enhance it. For example, an ornate gold frame looks wonderful with a traditional oil painting, while a natural wood frame suits a painting of a lush forest, and a soft blue frame could be used to accentuate a color from the picture it encloses.

The size and shape of the frame also make an impact on the art. A small picture can have greater presence matted in a larger, elaborate frame. A frame with thick sides can also keep a small painting from going unnoticed, while a large painting is often set off to best effect by a plain, thin frame.

The decorating style and function of the room where the picture will be hung must also be considered when choosing a frame. For a child’s bedroom or playroom, frames in primary colors or those featuring cartoon characters often work best. A spare, modern room calls for sleek contemporary frames. Old-fashioned gold colored frames or beautifully carved wood ones complement a traditional home, while simple, natural wood frames look great in rooms decorated in the country style. Also consider the wall where the painting will hang. A white frame against a white wall can get lost, where a green frame will stand out. If the painting will be hung on busy wallpaper, make sure the frame contrasts with the background.

Hanging Picture Frame

The frame must fit the artwork for which it is meant. If framing an oil painting on stretcher bars, make sure the frame is deep enough to accommodate the bars. If using a metal frame on a large picture, see that it is strong and will not buckle.

If you are hanging a collection of photos or prints together, use similar frames to visually link them. The frames could be all of the same style, or perhaps different shapes and sizes, but all in the same color. These frames should be simple in order to focus attention on the pictures.

You can find photo frames in most home decorating shops, and many arts and crafts supply stores sell frames for paintings and photos. Professional framing shops naturally have a great selection of frames, and the employees, who have handled hundreds of pictures, can offer expert advice for choosing a frame. Alternatively, check out thrift shops for old pictures in great frames. The picture can always be discarded. You can also buy inexpensive wooden frames and spruce them up with paint.

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