Exclusive kitchens design

duality silver kitchen with exclusive design

Here are some examples of exclusive kitchens designed by Philippe Starck Kitchens for Warendorf. The new collection from Starck will include the Library, Primary, Duality, and Tower kitchens which you should be able to identify at first glance. The Library kitchen design with its bookshelf elements which Philippe Starck has conceived to reinforce the connection between culture and food in domestic life. The Primary kitchen design brings neo-baroque design to the kitchen with its bright yellow mirrored glass fronts, etched decorative flourishes and “pretty” wall accessories. The Duality kitchen design delivers two options: a traditional wall piece or a detached kitchen island suited to your architecture and your style. The Tower kitchen with its striking towers, which can be rotated through 340° and which offers a thoroughly new approach to kitchen design. Visit Warendorf site – [via]

library modern kitchens from warendorf

primary philippe starck kitchen designs

Philippe Starck Kitchens by Warendorf are beautiful and functional designs

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