property marketing

Is marketing your property which is the broker's intent as in the Ray White, Era, Etc?
Kalo yes,
The first thing you should do is to study the current state of your environment, that is your own work environment, a property marketing means you are working in the field. There needs to approach with the people around so that when they want to or have information about who wants to sell or buy property may be up to your ear,

Second, relying on office networks, but this one was a bit hard because you will be competing with your colleagues who are not few.

Third, go and discuss it with small developers to hand over to your house sale. Small developers are the ones who build homes for resale, but not in large scale. How to search? You can find them by visiting their projects, and is usually characterized by the same housing development in 2 or 3 of berderetan house. Usually they bought an old house and then torn down and built 2 or 3 units. There could have 2 of their benefits as well, namely selling and buying. Look for the old house is strategically created them, after they get up you got back home they built it.

Fourth, do not forget to pray, asking God's guidance, let God also opened the way to every job and our actions.
Hopefully helpful, Good Luck.

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